Gas Leak In A Pharmaceutical Company In Visakhapatnam Kills People Again

Sainor Life Sciences Private Limited at JN Pharma City in Parawada, Visakhapatnam had benzimidazole gas leak. The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours...
High Life Reasons Why Do You Blush When You Like Someone

Reasons Why Do You Blush When You Like Someone

The “crushing” phase is the period when you like everything about a person you admire the most in a most romantic way. This is the reason why do you blush when you like someone, it is something we can’t control when we see our crush near us. It is a natural process that you can notice even on your friend’s face as it is universal.

Attraction is a natural feeling, you can attract towards anybody anytime! its just a fling! However, if your feeling remains same or strong for months this is the high time to get that you are in actual, real, movie-style crush. Here are some reasons that why do you blush when you like someone:

You blush Because you are in your crushing phase

  • You blush because you admire that person the most

During this phase, you think that your crush is a perfect person on this planet. That person is like a man/woman of your dreams. You don’t find any scarcity in them and hence! you blush as you feel proud of your choice.

Why do you blush because of anxiety

  • You blush because of eagerness

The eagerness to see a face of your crush is the main reason why do we blush. Everytime you wait for him/her through the pass he/she cross by in office or anywhere. You keep waiting for their message to come, become impatient and when it actually comes the feeling of happiness in terms of blush come out automatically on your face.

  • Anxiety is the main reason why do you blush when you like someone

The anxiety to know more about him/her. You actually like the way he/she dress-up, talks and behaves. You become their crazy fan and get curious to know more about their lifestyle or living standards. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty great feeling.

Why do we blush when we like someone

  • Sudden eye-contacts

Eye-contacts that happens suddenly with your crush is the main cause of blushing. As at some extent, you feel like he/she is noticing or have noticed you. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling? Indeed it is!

Why do we blush because of eye contacts

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