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High Life Reasons Why Most of The Food Shows Are Totally Fake And They...

Reasons Why Most of The Food Shows Are Totally Fake And They Make Sense!

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People learn a lot from the TV. Whether it’s about lifestyle, fashion or food. Talking about the food, some people really claim that they learn some very good dishes from the food shows. But it is really so? For a long time now the food shows on TV have been educating us, entertaining us, and indulging our deep carnal desire to watch food get prepared, cooked, and eaten. But things on the screen aren’t always what they seem. Here are some reasons that explain why most of TV shows on food are totally fake:

1) The main purpose of these shows is to serve well cooking ideas. A TV chef makes a delicious dish just like they would in a restaurant or at home, right But according to one study of television cooking shows, that food personality is committing all sorts of crimes against health. This includes not using thermometers, using food that fell on the floor, not washing produce, not washing cooking tools properly, and even licking fingers.

2) They waste a lot of food. A lot of that dirty food goes straight into the garbage instead of into somebody’s mouth.

3) Some celebrity chefs or other guests may spit out the food during the show, that is asked them to taste. Reportedly they do so to keep those calories out of their body.


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