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Reasons Why Hollywood Wives Want Their Husbands To Stay Away From Margot Robbie

Being in Hollywood industry is a huge thing for common people but for celebrities, it is quite a small town where everyone knows each other. Celebrities are known to each other’s behaviour and lives so Margot Robbie has no exception. Yes! you read that right that actress is Margot Robbie. The lady is very beautiful, bold and down to earth. There are few things about her that make Hollywood wives keep their husbands away from her.


Robbie did an amazing job in the Wolf of Wall Street and Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife. After that in a movie suicide Squad she kissed Leonardo DiCaprio and for the perfect shot, she had spent 17hours of Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio. This is also one of the reasons that Hollywood wives want their husbands to stay away from her.

2)No Excuses

She dont makes excuses for her work so she dont like. She wants everyone to be on the sets of shooting in time and not to make excuses. It makes her more good and responsible actress.


There are many things while shooting which actors have to bear without saying anything. Most actors don’t tell such things to anyone and do not a complaint but Robbie is not one of them. She speaks her mind and says things clearly.


In her auditions for the Wolf of Wall Street, she had a scripted argument with Leonardo DiCaprio. She did her job amazingly and in that scene, she slapped Leonardo DiCaprio which worked for her and got selected for the role of her wife.


When it comes to kissing Leonardo DiCaprio, any woman can do anything to do this. But Robbie is not one of them, she gave more priority to her work and career at that time.


Well, she said in an interview that she is comfortable to be naked if it is script and has no problem to unclothe herself in front of the crew in the shooting.

7)Double Threat

Well, how amazing the lady would be if she is an actress on one side and on the other side she plays ice hockey. Robbies is that woman. Mostly men like sports and want their lady to like the sports too. So, Robbie can be a perfect one for them.

8)Down To Earth

As we all know that the celebrities are always remain in spotlight and paparazzi and their fans always keep an eye on them. So, in this case, there have to be splendid and wait for fir makeup to get outside their house. But Robbie is so down to earth and seen many times in casual clothes in little bit makeup. But that lady managed to look amazing even that she is incredible and a threat to the wives of Hollywood without makeup. So, this proves that she is a threat to Hollywood wives.

9)Rave Reviews

Robbie got rave reviews for her movies by critics even by her co-workers also. Most of her co-stars find her humble and down to earth lady earth lady who is very hard working and dedicating to her work.


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