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High Life Reasons Why Indian Girls Always Expect Boys to Propose Them First

Reasons Why Indian Girls Always Expect Boys to Propose Them First

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Falling in love is a mutual feeling, it is equal for boys and girls. However, in India most of the girls expect boys to propose them first even if they use to like him. Have you ever thought a bit why they do so? Here are some reasons that let you understand the basic reasons behind this behavior of Indian girls.

they never propose guys first

1) Feeling of being judged: Indian girls are very character-sensitive. They fear of society or things like what people say if I take the first step to ask a boy out. Fret not! if you love someone, go tell him fearlessly.

2) Fear of being rejected: Girls usually worry about, what if the boy they use to like will refuse her proposal. Well! if you love someone getting him at any cost is not only the way! sometimes letting go is also a divine feeling!

3) Image conscious: When it comes to love or share feelings girls are bit different from guys, unlike boys they don’t let their friends know that she like a boy (most of the girls). As they fear of becoming a matter of fun, if unfortunately the guy she like refuses her proposal.

4) Comparison between self-respect: For all girls out there, there is nothing in this world that will harm your self-respect! Some girls think that they will lose their self-respect if they will get rejected. There is nothing like that, the thing is we all don’t possess same feelings! So open your heart to the boy of your dreams because you never know, Hone Ko Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta hai!

5) Fear of thinking – Being easily approachable girl: It is mainly due to the fear of being judged that she stays within the defined limits of the society. Most of the girls don’t propose guys because of this reason, but girls, not every boy is same. Take a chance and express your feelings out!

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