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High Life Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Another Lady

Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Another Lady

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Married men fall in love with another lady not because she is younger and prettier. They want their life to be happy and full of love. They just want their lady to support them, console them and care for them.

#1 Men Want Attention- It doesn’t matter how old your relationship is men want attention from their wives. You can do this by improving little things such as while watching tv you can ask him about his day, you can avoid phone before 1hour going to bed and make some conversations with him. if they will get that attention from another lady you will lose your man.

# 2 Men Love to Play- After completing his hectic schedule of daily life men love to play and have fun. Manage some time for your man to play or have fun with him. This will break the monotony of his life and make him feel good.

#3  Men want to make women happy- Men want their women to feel happy satisfied and content in bed. When a lady shows constantly that she is not happy or not satisfied with his man it will make him sad. Then he will look at the woman who will bring happiness.

# 4 Men hate helpless women- If you are asking his help in some works they love to help you and it makes a man feel useful and proud. But if you are completely dependent on them for every work it makes them feel bad. a lady should be independent enough.

#5 Men Love to Win- perhaps that is the reason why every man love sports. They to play video games, sports and so on. Because it makes them feel that are the winners. so manage some time to play with your husband.

#6 Men Love to Live Simple Life- Unlike women men don’t like dramas and like to tell thinks simply. They want their lady also to be like this. They don’t care about whose wearing latest fashion or not. They just want to work, play, have fun and have sex.

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