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High Life Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even After Working So Hard

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even After Working So Hard

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Today in this hectic life most of the people are fighting with obesity. They hit to the gym, try Yoga, dieting, Zumba, etc to lose weight but even then some of them don’t get the effective changes they want. What worked earlier, does not seem to work anymore! Right? The answer to this is seemingly unimportant habits of yours that you think have no connection with weight loss. But they are affecting your weight loss efforts. Read ou the text to know about these habits.

1) Poor sleep

One of the main cause you are losing the weight is the poor sleep. Lack of sleep not only encourages weight gain by boosting hunger, but also by slowing the rate at which calories are burned. Have an undisturbed sleep of 7-8 hours.

2) You are binging on healthy food

Healthy food is essential but as they say, an excess of everything is bad. So avoid eating more than the required quantity. Remember, no matter how healthy your food is, it has a certain number of calories that creeps into your body making you gain weight.

3) Low carb diet

Low carb diet may reduce appetite and increase weight loss. We are not asking you to completely shun the concept of eating carbs but try consuming less than what you have.

4) Stress

Stress is one of the underlying causes of weight loss struggles. Stress hormone known as cortisol may increase and as a result, your body gains weight.

5) You have a medical condition

Sometimes your weight loss efforts are hindered by a medical condition you might have. Some of the conditions include hypothyroidism, PCOS and sleep apnea. No matter how much you exercise or diet these conditions may make it difficult for you to shed extra kilos.

6) You have been starving yourself

Dieting doesn’t mean to starve yourself. The best diet strategy is to eat frequently and count calories.

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