Hrithik Roshan’s Mother Speaks On the Case Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Giving her reaction in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput's death, Hrithik Roshan's mother Pinki Roshan said that everyone wants to know...
High Life Reasons Why You Are Still Unable To Find The Love

Reasons Why You Are Still Unable To Find The Love

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#1There’s No Room In Your Life for love- We all have hectic schedules in this era and our life is going busy day by day. But don’t be that much workaholic that you couldn’t manage some time for yourself or for your love. Don’t compromise with your free time and don’t live a monotonous life.

#2 You Wouldn’t Let Go Of Your Previous Relationship- Don’t ever do this mistake. If your past relationship is over then its over. Let it be. Don’t think of him anymore just delete your selfies, tear you photos and donate his gifts to needy people. Let yourself move on, its time to be happy. He wasn’t perfect enough and doesn’t deserve you. If he could afford you, he doesn’t let you go. So don’t find perfection, find love and you will get the perfect man for you.

#3 You Spend too Much time at Home- Your perfect man is not going to come to your home to fall in love with you. Just go out and have some fun. Maybe you will get your perfect man in the grocery store, in the park or in the market. If you will stay at home you are going to date your TV or fridge only, so get out of the home. Because there are a plethora of beautiful things outside your home which will make your life splendid. So, go out and break the monotony of your life.

#4 You Neglect your Appearance- Yes! our mom says that people will love your soul and your intelligence. this is true but before falling in love one should be attracted towards us. Don’t forget to look beautiful. everyone loves beauty.

#5 You Wouldn’t Try New Things- Just leave those old things of having some routine works or going to the same place for fun with friends. Just try new things and get the amazing experience of different new things. Whether these things are in fashion or clothing but just try them.

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