High Life Health Reasons Why Women Become Fat After Marriage

Reasons Why Women Become Fat After Marriage

Getting fat, the words that give everyone a feeling of tension. Talking about women, they are more sensitive when it comes to their body. They don’t like someone call them fat. However, after marriage, such things don’t matter to them. Is it really so? we don’t think so! A new report states that couples put on weight post marriage. If you are newly-wed and wondering what the cause of your expanding waistline is, here are a few answers. We are going to reveal the actual reasons why this happens especially with women.

Your diet goes for a toss

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Weddings totally transform your life. After marriage, you eat meals made in bulk for hundreds of people and at weird hours. The new house and adjustments of it add stress. A bad diet with the combination of stress means loss of nutrition. Such a loss results in a deficiency of vitamin B, calcium, etc. This suddenly increases your weight.

Lack of proper sleep

According to the nutritionists, the lack of proper sleep is one of the main cause of gaining weight. Lack of sleep let your hormones boosting levels of the ghrelin, which tells you when you’re hungry, and decreasing leptin, which signals satiety. Losing out on sleep creates a vicious cycle in your body, making you more prone to gain weight.

Growing age

After marriage as the age grows, the metabolism rate of the women decreases. It slows the fat-burning process which leads to weight gain.

Watching TV for hours

Watching TV for long hours leads to weight gain. As there is no physical activity involved which helps in burning the extra fat.

Your priorities change

As long as we are single we easily get our way but after marriage things go change. Managing work, household chores, kids, etc. coupled with a hazy eating pattern can leave you feeling exhausted. You are likely to indulge in cravings for the lack of satisfaction from your meals and put on weight.

You care less

Being a bachelorette is all about looking gorgeous. You do anything for that like hitting gym, diet and so on. But once you get married your health takes a backseat. Women often let go and do not bother much about their bodies or fitness. Gym hours is replaced by cooking hours. As you think that now there is no one who will praise you but it is not like that. Looking fit and beautiful is the demand of every age.






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