Infotainment Reel "Sultan" Salman Khan Fans VS Real Life Sultan "Yogeshwar Dutt" !

Reel “Sultan” Salman Khan Fans VS Real Life Sultan “Yogeshwar Dutt” !

When Yogeshwar Dutt lost to Mongolian wrestler Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran in the qualification round of the Men’s Freestyle 65kg, India’s last hope to win another medal was badly injured. But, it was not enough angry Salman Khan fans started trolling and taunting Dutt, saying that his loss was his “karma” for criticising Salman Khan. When Salman Khan was appointed as  the Goodwill ambassador, Yogeshwar was also against this decision along with Milkha Singh.

This is the Twitter post put by Yogeshwar Dutt, against the appointment of Salman Khan :

These are the sarcastic Twitter post put up by Salman Khan fans, or crazy fans :

Now, comes Yogeshwar Dutt fans for his rescue :

No comments have been given by Salman or Yogeshwar yet, about these critics ! Maybe both of them do not want to create another controversy.

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