High Life Food Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World

The world has shifted from the routine of healthy food to unhealthy fast food which does tastes good but is equally harmful to our health. Many multinational companies produce such foods and several fast food chains can be found in any country. Every food chain has a signature food for which the it is best known for. You’ll be surprised to know that those signature dishes are liked and eaten by all on a regular basis but here’s a list of top regular foods which are banned across the world:

1. Kinder Joy – USA

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Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - kinder joy

Kinder Joy is one of the most favourite food product of kids which often gives them a  toy as a surprise gift. Though you can find this product in almost each and every grocery or candy store in your city but this product is banned in the USA. The reason for its ban was the product containing a plastic toy inside the box, which was not liked by FDA as the toy could also be misunderstood as an edible item by the children.

2. Samosas – Somalia

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - Samosas

The world famous snack of Middle East, India’s tea partner and the favourite food of Punjab are actually, not liked by all the countries. Some Islamist leaders of Somalia banned samosas in Somalia because according to them the shape of the snack is always reminding them the Holy Trinity and is in favour of Christianity.

3. Foie Gras – 14 countries including a few USA states

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World

Before you ask why it is banned allow us to tell you the procedure of how it is prepared. A metal pipe in inserted in the throats of birds and they are forced to eat for several few days so that their liver enlarges. Later the liver is given a touch of milk and honey and the dish ‘Foie Gras’ is prepared. So I think now you all have got the answer why it is banned in so many places.

4. Ketchup – France

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - ketchup

This wonderful condiment which is enjoyed with almost each and every snack is actually banned in French public school cafeterias. French wanted to teach their kids about the wonderful taste and flavours of French Cuisine but according to them having ketchup in public schools was a contradictory action against that purpose, therefore, they gave ketchup a ban.

5. Citrus Drinks – USA, European Union

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - citrus

Have you ever read the ingredients of a food product before buying it? We will suggest you should, especially in the case of citrus drinks. Some citrus drinks contain Brominated Vegetable Oil which causes several thyroid problems and is also testified to increase the rates of Schizophrenia. Therefore, as a safety measure, USA and European Union decided to ban this product from their countries.

6. Raw Almonds – California, USA

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - almonds

Almonds are a very good vegetarian source of protein and are good for a child’s mental health, therefore, their consumption is regarded good but not directly from trees. In the state of California, the USA the consumption of raw diamonds is illegal and they are boiled and treated well before reaching the market in sealed consumable form.

7. Chewing gums – Singapore

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - chewing-gum

One of the most favourite and desirable food items of kids are chewing gums due to their property of being stretchable and converting into large air filled pink soft bubbles. Although, kids like chewing gums for that reason but some youngster just love to chew them and stick them below the tables or spit them on roads, causing uncleanliness. Singapore loves the cleanliness of their country very much, therefore, it decided to give chewing gums a ban.

8.  Mac n Cheese – Norway, Austria and the European Union

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - mac n cheese

Mac n Cheese is one of the most wonderful cheese dishes of the world is the first choice of food of almost every European kid. It is liked for its delicious taste very much but the yellow colour it gets it due to the presence of harmful food colours and preservatives in it. For this reason, Norway, Austria and the European Union decided to give this dish a ban.

9. Vegetarian Meals – France

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - vegetarian meals

Another dish, or a large number of dishes, particularly vegetarian are banned in French public schools. French beliefs in the proper diet of a child, therefore, it wanted to give its children a full and correct load of protein for which it supported meat over vegetarian food and restricted its schools from serving any vegetarian dish to its children.

10. Mountain Dew – Europe and Japan

Regular Foods Which Are Banned Across The World - mountain dew

A very liked neon colour bottled drink, whose advertisements are more popular than the drink itself is banned in Europe and Japan. The reason behind its ban is its ingredients itself, the drink contains the chemicals which are found to cause birth defects, schizophrenia and hearing loss.

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