Regular Intake Of These 5 Most Common Drinks Leads To Cancer


We all consume water, as it fulfills the need of our body’s need. Drinking water is good for our health, and hence it is the most important part of our routine. However, there are many people who consume more beverages rather than water which can be dangerous for health. To stay healthy we need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, but what about those who prefer to drink beverages like diet coke, Bottled water, Soda, Alcohol more instead of water. So let us tell you about some common drinks that you might be consuming regularly. Unaware of the fact that it can cause cancer.

Diet Soda:

Many of us prefer to intake diet soda. But do you know how bad it is for our health? Well if you think that Diet Soda doesn’t harm you then let us tell that the fake sugar inside the beverage, destroys the metabolic process of the body and can cause cancer in the Bladder and entire Urinary tract.

Bottled Water:

Maximum people would be surprised to know that the bottled water that we purchase from the shops is made of discarded plastic that oozes harmful chemicals, and moreover, the captivating labels that we see have nothing to do with our health. So its better to avoid them and carry the water bottles from our homes as much as possible.


If you have an addiction to alcohol, then make sure to have control over it as soon as you can, because moderate drinking is fine, but if you are someone who drinks regularly then it’s better to control. Many people also say that red wine is good for health however it also contains ethanol that causes cancer. It’s ok to have one or two drinks per day. But you will play with your health if you get addicted to it.

Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks may boost up your energy, but you might be unaware that these drinks can cause damage to your body if the intake is too high. It is perfectly fine to consume it a little often but make sure not to rely upon these drinks. As it contains sugar, caffeine, and artificial dyes. These drinks cause heart problems and seizures. The sugar found in these drinks is a favourite food for cancer.

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