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She Was a “Naajayaz Aulaad” an Illegitimate Child But She Rose Above And Became Bollywood’s Superstar Actress

With lots and lots of controversies, there is an actress of Bollywood who was a superstar of her times. She is considered timeless beauty because she looks beautiful even at age 63. We are talking about Rekha, the veteran superstar actress who was linked to a number of actors. She got married to a Delhi-based businessman who committed suicide just after a year of marriage.

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You all are familiar with all these known facts about Rekha but the one we are going to tell you today is very interesting of its kind. Not everyone is as lucky as those in the world who get lovely and caring parents. Some lost their parents and some get abandoned by their parents. Did you know Rekha is an illegitimate child? Shocked? But it is true!

Rekha was born to Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan. Her father did not acknowledge his paternity during her childhood. Rekha was an illegitimate child and her father Gemini Ganesan would refuse to recognize her as a child. In an interview, Rekha revealed that her father had once come to pick his children up from her school, and walked right past her without even recognizing her.

Rekha’s father actor Gemini Ganesan never married her mother Pushpavalli. She became the mistress of the actor Gemini Ganesan. She had two daughters – Rekha and her younger sister. Later, at the peak of her career, Rekha told a magazine interviewer that her father’s neglect still rankled and that she had ignored his efforts at reconciliation. It was Rekha’s talent and fate who took her to the top and made her famous all over India. She is the legendary actress of the Indian cinema.

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