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News Religious Places Reopening Nationwide On 8th June

Religious Places Reopening Nationwide On 8th June

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Good news: The people will soon be able to visit the religious places as the government has ordered to open them on 8th June. But with strict guidelines.

Right after the coronavirus outbreak, there was a nationwide lockdown. From schools, shops, offices, and religious places everything came to standstill. But now slowly the government is giving relief in lockdown. Amid of this, there are reports that the Preparations are going on at a rapid pace on Monday in mosques, gurudwaras, churches, and temples on Friday. The Home Ministry has also issued a guideline regarding this Under this, religious places will have to follow all the rules as well as the devotees who come here are also allowed to offer prayers according to strict disciplined rules. 

There is a ban on touching everything from temple bells to statues. Dance-bhajans are completely banned in the group but recorded tunes and aartis are allowed to be played. Apart from this, devotees will have to take off their shoes and slippers near their own vehicles. 

Once again the sound of bells will be heard in temples across the country from coming Monday. For this, all the cleaning work including the decoration of the idols of God has started. But the guidelines that these temples will follow is that at each entry point they will sanitize the tunnel. Devotees will have to wear masks. And will be prevented from bringing flowers or any kind of offering to the Lord. Community kitchen, langar, food donation work will be done with precaution and rules. It will be necessary to wash hands and feet with soap before entering the premises of religious places. And the temperature will also be checked at the entrance. The people without a mask will not be allowed in the temples.

Similarly, The management of the mosque in Lucknow informed that all the precautionary measures have been taken to prevent Covid-19 infection. Masjid Committee said, “We will make it mandatory for devotees to wear masks in the mosque along with ensuring physical distance.” 

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