Remarkable Idea: Madhubani and Manjusha Painting Mask On Sale

Madhubani and Manjusha Painting MASK

The art of life lies in constant adjustment with our surroundings. And that’s exactly what we are doing. We are excepting that the mask is now an essential part of our life for a long time. But making this mask as a style statement is a distinctive idea. So let’s check out how.

Wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping a social distance is the main advice the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have issued to take precautions to avoid the coronavirus epidemic. And therefore amid of all these the demand for face masks sanitizers and hand wash has increased. The use of the mask in our day to life has been immensely increased. Keeping this in view folk artists in Patna are making reusable face masks with beautiful handcrafted Madhubani and Manjusha paintings.

What is Madhubani and Manjusha Painting

Madhubani painting is famous worldwide. It is very famous especially in Mithila and its surrounding areas of Bihar. In these paintings, things in nature are engraved, including fish, birds, animals, turtles, sun, moon, bamboo, flowers, and tree figures. Whereas in Manjusha painting, painting is done in square box. Slogans are also being written on many masks to spread awareness among people. These slogans talk of defeating Corona.

Details about the Mask

Let us tell you that to promote the form of art and to meet the urgent need of the hour, the idea of making these paintings on mask arose. The best thing about this painted mask is that it can now be used as a style statement too. Since the mask has become part of our daily life the idea of bringing this style is quite amazing. These paintings are made using a reusable cotton cloth and are decently priced between 80-100 rs as said by Smita Parashar who is working on Madhubani for 25 years and Manjusha for 6 years.

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