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Remedies For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Remedies For Back Pain During Pregnancy


It should be the week 20 were your back will start to hurt due to the pressure on the nerve which is present in your lower back along your buttock. This is a mandate to happen and there is no escape from this. When my sister was pregnant, she used to complain a lot about her back pain. We tried a lot of home remedies but nothing worked out. We even tried giving her a lower back massage with some of the relaxant oils available in the market. The pain was only getting worse as the weeks neared her labour.

Finally, we decided to visit one of the maternity centres in Mumbai open todayto get her checked. The gynaecologist there helped us understand the cause of the pain and taught us some really cool remedies which you can try out at your home to ease lower back pain during pregnancy. Here I am going to give you some of these super hacks which can help you relieve yourself:

  • There is nothing more effective than a prenatal yoga which can help you ease your joint pain and also help you keep your metabolism rate higher than usual. Prenatal yoga also tackles your stress level, helps you sleep better in the night and also keep your digestive track rejuvenated.
  • Most of the people are inclined towards natural therapy and acupuncture is one of them. Acupuncture helps in the removal of the blockages of the body which care to interfere with the normal functioning of the body. Stimulating acupuncture points can lead to a boost in energy levels, improve your digestion and also get you relief from your morning sickness.
  • Regular prenatal massage can help in fighting stress and depression. It also improves the blood circulation in your body. But before going for a massage, women must consult with her doctor regarding this as most of the times, there would be cases were vaginal is not so strong and massage would not be a viable option.
  • Unlike massage and yoga, meditation does not have any physical strain associated with it and in fact, you can practice it anywhere anytime. Having a healthy and strong mind during your pregnancy phase is very important and mediation guarantees you that.
  •  Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women as it can ease the pressure in your spine. This could come as a surprise to most of the women out there as swimming is was not generally recommended in most of the hospitals but it is high you know what kind of wonders swimming can actually do to your body.
  • Maintaining a correct body posture can be challenging but it is very essential and hence you must be very careful in choosing the right kind of outfit and shoes.
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