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Trending 15 Things That We Recall Today On Teachers Day

15 Things That We Recall Today On Teachers Day

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Teachers at school and college play a great role in making us what we have become or what we will become in our lives. We hated them in school whenever they shouted at us, though we always respected them deep down and knew that its all for our own good.

Let’s take this day to remember our beloved teachers whom we troubled and called names but loved them with all our hearts for all the things they taught us.

1. They would always shout at us if caught looking out the window Your body is here but your mind is somewhere else!”


2. A joke in class was always followed by their stare saying Please share the joke with the whole class..We will also have a laugh”

3. And when the joke got out of hand and your laughter too loud..Oops! ” I don’t want to see you sitting in my class! GET OUT!”


4. Remember talking to your friends whenever they turned their backs to write on the board? “Who is making that noise in the class?I can hear you!”


5. The lecture after lunch usually used to start with “Shutup! Is this a fish market?”


6. There must have been times when she got too angry and said “I will throw you out of the class! Im taking you to the principal right now!”


Then there were times when you grew up and moved to senior school and probably your english teacher became your favorite teacher foryou went on to have a crush on them. Even though you knew it would never lead anywhere but the feeling was ohh soo Good!

7.  You always attended their class and made sure to sit on the first bench for a ‘closer’ and better view.


8. Your friends would tease you about them but you would never hear anything against them.


9. Whenever they called out your name to ask you to read a paragraph from the chapter or to answer a question, Man mein laddoo Phoota!


10. If they ever came as a substitute teacher for a free period..oyee hoyee! Din ban gaya yaar!


11. You are no longer shy about clearing your doubts even when you didn’t really have any “Ma’am …umm.. I forgot my doubt”..*Shit*!

12. Whenever he/she passed you by in the corridor and gave a even casual amile your friends would say “Bhai ma’am ko pakka pata chal gaya hai tera unpe crush hai!” *Doomed*


13. You would love an extra class or even home tuitions only to spend more time with them..
“Ma’am can you explain chapter 12 again I really don’t get it, Please!” *Impression sahi banega*


14. You always want to study just one subject and its THEIRS!

Mom: “Baki subjects bhi krle?”                                                        

You:  “Mom woh toh aate hi hai unki tension nai hai”


15. If they are ever on a leave you feel like your life has come to an end you curse the day and wonder why did you ever to school today! “isse acha aaj chhutti hi le leta” *Almost sobbing*


School or college life will always be the most memorable part of your life. You will always miss the innocence of it all and your carefree nature that time. If you’re still enjoying student life or past it, Im sure you too would’ve experienced all this in school or college and missed your teachers after reading it. Well! if you did don’t waste time and wish them a Very Happy Teachers Day!

P.S. Tell them about that crush if you dare! *Wink*

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