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Infotainment Remembering The Reason Behind The Kargil War And What Damage It Caused...

Remembering The Reason Behind The Kargil War And What Damage It Caused To Our Country

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After the Uri base camp attack,  everybody from India and Pakistan is predicting a war. but if war happens this will be not India and Pakistan war ! Earlier in between May and July 1999 the War Of Kargil took place between both the respective  countries. In Urdu, it was known as “Kargil Jang “ and in Devanagari as “Kargil Yuddh”. It took place in the Kargil district of Kashmir.

The Kargil Yudha

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ppened between both India and Pakistan occurred between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC). In India, this war is also known as Operation Vijay which was the name of the Indian operation to clear the Kargil sector.

The Cause Of Kargil

the cause of Kargil War

At that time the reason behind the war was the invasion of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri’s in the other ( Indian Side) Of L.O.C. which serves as the de facto border between the two states. As usual, earlier, The Pakistan blamed the Kashmiri’s but later documents were found according to which proved the involvement of Pakistan PM and  Chief of Army Staff and paramilitary forces led by General Ashraf Rashid.

The Military Strenght At The Time Of Kargil

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At the time of Kargil, Indian army had the strength of 30,000 soldiers whereas the Pakistan army had just a bunch of soldiers i.e  5,000 in number.

Aftermath Of The War


After a war, a country faces loss as well as some benefits also.

The Indian stock market rose by more than 30 %.

In the next  National budget, there was a major increase in military spending.

The death of Pilot, Ajay Ahuja created anger in the public especially after the media reports that he was murdered brutally by Pakistani soldiers.


Indian defence budget was increased.

The War highlighted the inefficiency of Command And Control,  insufficient troop levels and the dearth of large-calibre guns like the Bofors.

The L.O.C  was fenced after the war.

The relations between USA and India became better.

When a war happens not only the army suffers the whole country suffers and struggles. The life of the martyred soldiers family ruins and with the span of time it all becomes rust.

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