High Life Beauty Remove Wrinkles Effectively With These Amazing Home Remedies

Remove Wrinkles Effectively With These Amazing Home Remedies

Looking young and refreshing is everyone’s first choice. However, the collagen present in the skin looses with aging, as a result, our skin looks dull and tired. This is all due to the wrinkles, although getting wrinkles is a biological process but the pollution, free radicals and UV rays speed up the process. Don’t worry you can cure them or rejuvenate your skin to make it look healthy and glowy with the help of effective home remedies.


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It is a great source of vitamin C. It treats wrinkles rapidly. Apply a paste of pineapple pulp on your skin leave it for 10-20 mins and rinse thoroughly. You can also massage your face with pineapple juice this will improve your blood circulation and tone your skin.

Tea or Green Tea

Tea has a bundle of joy for you, it will make you relax when you feel tired also it is helpful in treating your wrinkles. Drink tea or green tea on daily basis this will detoxify your skin and give you a fresh younger looking skin.

Bana Mask

Mash a banana in a vessel and make creamy face mask. Add some drops of orange juice into it along with a teaspoon of curd, then leave it on your face or affected area for 15-20 minutes. This contains vitamin A and B, Vitamin A will reduce the dark spots and blemishes while vitamin B will prevent aging, and potassium will moisturize and hydrate skin cells.

Almond Oil

Massage your face or affected area in the night thrice a week. Leave it for the whole night and wash your face next day. This can really help you in getting rid of those stressing wrinkles under eyes.

Egg White

A great source of protein. This will help you rejuvenate your skin rapidly. Take the white part of an egg in a vessel mix it with 2 tablespoons of glycerine and rosewater. Apply this on your wrinkles.


Take two or three cloves of garlic on daily basis. This can slow down the aging as well as keep your metabolism maintain. Consumption of garlic will give you a wrinkle-free look for a long time.

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