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News Reporter Chand Nawab Beaten By Karachi Police At Railway Station

Reporter Chand Nawab Beaten By Karachi Police At Railway Station

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Pakistani Reporter Chand Nawab who shot to fame after inspiring a character in Salman Khan’s movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan was beaten by Karachi Police at a Railway Sation along with his crew.


Nawab who works for the 92 news channel was there to cover an assignment on the rising price of train tickets before the Eid Festival when the officials allegedly beat up Nawab and his whole crew and badly insulted them.

chand-nawab (1)
Source: IndianExpress

Apparently, Chand was interviewing one of the passengers about the sale of over-priced train tickets when the Railway officials reached on the spot and mistreated Chand Nawab and his team. Within all the chaos Chand Nawab got slapped by the official.

Check out in video, Chand Nawab ducking after two men try to hit him

Our dear Salman Khan especially called Chand Nawab to know whether he was okay and fine after the incident to which Chand replied that such things happen normally and not of grave concern.

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