We all know that the ancestors of humans were monkeys. There used to be a tail of our ancestors, which gradually disappeared in the evolution of human beings.

As the human body developed, its form kept changing. The parts of the body that were not needed went on dying on their own. As if the appendix no longer has any role in the human body. So its size is decreasing with time.

It may be that after a few centuries it will disappear completely. In fact, the wheel of nature’s development is always spinning. Human birth is the result of this.

All living beings are born as a result of natural evolution. So, now it would be wrong to assume that the cycle of evolution is no longer going on. Human beings are also going through this process. In the future, we can see more changes in the appearance of humans.

New research even says that in the coming time there will be such changes in the whole universe that no living organism on earth will look like it is today.

In 1980, author Dugal Dixon wrote a book, After Man: A Zoology of the Future. In this book, he has imagined a world seen after millions of years, which is difficult to believe.

In this book, there are mentions of flying monkeys, such flowers in the shape of birds on which the prey himself sits, and such flying snakes which take their prey in the air.

For a common man, this world is nothing more than the brainchild of an eccentric writer. This is completely fabricated. But the researchers see all the possibilities of the future in this book.

What will happen in the future?

We know that there were dinosaurs on earth millions of years ago. But then, if the present man had been conceived, it would have seemed as strange as it seems to us today by imagining a world after a million years.

What is the mathematics of evolution after all? To understand this, the pages of history have to be turned. According to evolutionary biologist Jonathan Losos, when the Cambrian explosion occurred 54 million years ago, the earth was torn apart by many strange creatures.

He writes that fossils of an organism named Haloseginya have been found from this period, which had such a web of bones all over the body as is seen in our spinal cord. There is every possibility that some more such creatures will be born in the near future.

According to Professor Losos, there are immense possibilities in the field of biology and it is difficult to say where they will end. According to them, there are still many such creatures on earth about which we do not even know.

In his book on biological possibilities, Losos offers a variety of arguments. According to them, it is difficult to say where these possibilities will end. If history repeats itself, will human evolution be the same as it was millions of years ago?

it’s hard to say. But there is a possibility that in the future there may be a big volcanic eruption or a comet may hit the earth. After this, the whole form of the earth will change.

What will happen in the near future is an afterthought. The big thing is that if anyone is seeing the biggest impact of the evolution sequence, then it is on Homo sapiens i.e. human beings.

How much will animals change

Paleontologist Peter Ward wrote in his 2001 book ‘Future Evolution’ that the kind of life that humans are living today, if they continue to live like this for several million years to come, then there may be living organisms on Earth. To maintain yourself in that environment, assume strange forms.

For example, today we are all living in a polluted environment. If pollution continues like this, we may start seeing birds with such beaks that will be able to drink water from tin cans. Or you will get to see such mice which will have smooth hair on their body which will not allow poisonous water to stay on their body.

Researcher Patricia Brennan says that due to the lack of clean water on the earth, it may be that such qualities are born in the existing organisms that can adapt themselves to the changing environment. Or it may also happen that such giant creatures are born whose skin has the ability to meet the lack of water by taking moisture from the air.

It is possible that the fringed collar near the neck of the lizard may become bigger where it can store water for itself. There is also a possibility that some animals may lose their fur and become bags to store water on their bodies.

Due to the rising temperature of the earth, it will also become difficult for the organisms living in hot areas. Therefore, in order to adapt themselves to the changing environment, it is imperative to change their physical appearance.

Strange creatures

Since the birth of life on earth, many species have become extinct to date. Since then there has been a massive change. Research shows that 250 million years ago, about 95 percent of the animals living in water and 70 percent of the creatures living on land suddenly died out.

After this, the existence of a dinosaur-like creature came into effect. But after some time their existence also ended and mammals were born.

After considering such changes, researchers say that for the first one lakh years of life on Earth, such organisms could not arise, which needed more oxygen.

But after two lakh 40 thousand years, when the process of photosynthesis started, many types of bacteria were eliminated from the earth. Once changes took place in the world of living beings, they went on happening again. These changes are happening and will continue to happen.

It is possible that in the near future, the existence of human beings will end completely and only strange-o-poor creatures rule the earth. But it is still so far in the near future that you, we and many of our future generations will not be able to see all this.

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