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News Technology Researchers Discover How To "Upload Knowledge To Your Brain"

Researchers Discover How To “Upload Knowledge To Your Brain”

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Yes, guys, you read the headline right!! Scientists are working on a technology by which we can upload knowledge directly into our brains. Scientists believe to have come up with a simulator that feeds information directly into a person’s brain and teach them new skills. The best part of this technology is that it can teach us new skills in a shorter amount of time compared to the time needed to acquire these skills normally.

Researchers Discover How To "Upload Knowledge To Your Brain"

Researchers from HRL Laboratories, California have already developed a way to increase learning, but, on a smaller scale.

In a realistic flight simulator, scientists copied the electric signals in the brain of a trained pilot and then upload these into new trainees as they learned to fly an aeroplane. The results were highly positive.

Dr Matthew Phillips, one of the researchers, said: “Our system is one of the first of its kind. It’s a brain stimulation system. It sounds kind of sci-fi, but there’s large scientific basis for the development of our system. The specific task we were looking at was piloting an aircraft, which requires a synergy of both cognitive and motor performance.”

“When you learn something, your brain physically changes. Connections are made and strengthened in a process called neuroplasticity. It turns out that certain functions of the brain, like speech and memory, are located in very specific regions of the brain, about the size of your pinky.”

Philips further added: “What our system does is it actually targets those changes to specific regions of the brain as you learn. The method itself is actually quite old. In fact, the ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago used electric fish to stimulate and reduce pain.

Researchers Discover How To "Upload Knowledge To Your Brain"

“Even Ben Franklin applied currents to his head, but the rigorous, scientific investigation of these methods started in the early 2000s and we’re building on that research to target and personalize a stimulation in the most effective way possible.

“Your brain is going to be very different to my brain when we perform a task. What we found is … brain stimulation seems to be particularly effective at actually improving learning.”

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