News Putin Closest Rex Tillerson Has Become The US 'Secretary Of State'

Putin Closest Rex Tillerson Has Become The US ‘Secretary Of State’

Rex Tillerson has now become the ‘Secretary of State’ in the new US Government. His approval was rushed constantly by the Republicans as the democrat voted against him.

The ExxonMobil CEO got 11 to 10 votes from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and approved him the new secretary of state. The strange thing is that since 1970 Rex is the only person who received more than two objections from the committee.

Rex Tillerson

Senator Ben Cardin said-:

“Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state repeatedly prioritized “narrow business interests” ahead of “core national security interests. I believe Mr Tillerson’s demonstrated business orientation… could compromise his ability as secretary of state to forcefully promote the values and ideals that have defined our country and our leading role in the world for more than 200 years.”

Further Mr. Rubio who ran against Mr. Trump over the Republican presidential nomination has given a statement-:

“It would be against our national interests to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed or embroiled in controversy”

Rex Tillerson Secretary Of State

Rex was selected despite allegations like violations of human rights and link to Vladimir Putin. In 2013 Rex was awarded Russia Order of Friendship. Mr Trump has now three members of the cabinet in office. It will be interesting to watch Tillerson’s foreign policy especially towards Russia and how the people of US reacts to it

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