Entertainment Actress Richa Chaddha Made a Statement About Gender Inequality in Bollywood

Actress Richa Chaddha Made a Statement About Gender Inequality in Bollywood

Richa Chaddha, the actress who got fame for her role in film Fukrey is in news nowadays. Yes, in the upcoming Amazon Prime series Inside Edge, she is going to play the role of Zarina Malik, who is a successful actress and also owns The Mumbai Mavericks, a cricket team.

Her character struggles to hold her own space in an industry which is male-dominated where being undermined is routine. In other words, not very different from situations that every female face in her life in her respective job field. She says,

“I don’t react to it anymore because it’s so prevalent. You just know it’s going to be there so you learn to deal with it. You can’t predict how the traffic is going to be so you plan as you go. I tackle sexism depending on the situation.”

She says when she started her career in the showbiz industry she got remarks such as “you’re not going to get any younger” while she was shooting for her portfolio. She didn’t understand them. But now after spending nearly a decade, she realised “this is just the way people talk in the industry.” It has made her wiser but certainly not immune. “I find it very uninspiring and demotivating,” she says.

She further added,

“It’s not limited to showbiz, just look at how female politicians are reported about. No matter what their profession, women will always be asked questions about their clothes. Does anyone ask men what bag they are using or whether they leave their home without sunglasses? It’s a trivializing of all our brains collectively.”

After her statement about gender inequality in the industry, it would be interesting to watch how her Amazon Prime series Inside Edge will showcase the concept. This is going to premiere on July 10. Actresses Sarah Jane Dias and Sayani Gupta and actor Angad Bedi are also playing important roles in the series.


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