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Entertainment Remember The Popular Villain Kilvish From Shaktiman? This Superstar Actress is His...

Remember The Popular Villain Kilvish From Shaktiman? This Superstar Actress is His Daughter

The 90’s kids stuck to the TV screens when the popular Indian superhero made his appearance. Yes, we are talking about the fancy TV show Shaktiman! What made the Shaktiman a hero was the villain against him, the Kilvish. He is as popular as him! Andhera Qayam Rahe!

The role of Kilvish was played by actor Surendra Pal, who scared people with his negative character in many TV serials. But Kilvish was the most popular. He started his acting career with the Hindi film ‘Grahasti’ in 1984. During his film career, Surendra performed nearly a dozen films including the Air Lift, Khuda Gawah, Jodha Akbar and many other films. With the passage of time the show came to an end and after doing some shows Surendra Pal also bid farewell to the TV. But do you know his daughter is the superstar actress of South film industry?

We are talking about the actress Richa Panai. She won the Miss Lucknow contest and became a beauty queen only when she was 17. She wanted to become an actress so she started pursuing modeling. She also became an air-hostess. She debuted in South film industry with a Malayalam film, Vadamalli and now she is a popular actress there!

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