Madhapar village

Nowadays everyone wants to become rich, for this he tries his best. Today we are going to tell you about a village which is the richest. There is a village in India which has 7600 houses. This village is also very important for banks. That’s why there are 17 banks here, not 02-04. Huge amount is deposited in these banks. The people of this village not only have a special connection with London, but here more than half live in London and Europe.

This village is in Gujarat and its name is Madhapar village. More than half of the village people live in London. You may not have heard that people of any village in India have formed their own club somewhere abroad, but the people of this village have formed their own club in London.

In 1968, an organization named Madhapar Village Association was formed in London. It’s office was opened so that all the people of Madhapar village living in Britain kept meeting each other on the pretext of some social program. Similarly, an office was opened in the village so that it could be directly connected to London.

The 17 banks in this village are all branches of well-known banks. 5000 crores have been deposited in this. In this village of Kutch district of Gujarat state, there are Hindi and English medium studies from play school to inter college. The village has its own shopping mall, where big brands from all over the world reside. The village also has a pond and a great swimming pool for children to take a bath in.

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