Ricky Martin Accused Of Domestic Violence By An Anonymous Person

The renowned singer Ricky Martin was accused of domestic violence in his country by an anonymous person. And now the news is making headlines all over cyberspace.

Ricky Martin

Facing serious allegations in the past, the singer Ricky Martin had to struggle with legal quarrels again and again. The artist is currently facing a lawsuit in the Central District Court of Los Angeles, from his former representative Rebecca Drunker, who worked with the Puerto Rican between 2014 and 2022. It was when recently, the ex-manager sued the musician for around three million euros. But now there are completely different allegations against the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” interpreter. Because Ricky is accused of domestic violence

As reported by the Puerto Rican news portal Telemundo, there is an anonymous complaint against Ricky. The alleged victim did not go to the police but appeared directly in front of a court. The authorities confirmed, however, that domestic violence is being investigated. No further information was known about the status of the investigation or the identity of the person. However, the artist’s legal team confirmed that the accusations of domestic violence against Ricky Martin are false. In a statement, they said, “The allegations that led to the investigation are completely false and lies.”

In connection to this the police spokesman, Axel Valencia, said that the order prohibits Martin from contacting or calling the person who filed the complaint and that it is a judge who will determine in a hearing if the order should remain in force. Force or may be withdrawn.