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News about Shahid Afridi’s Daughter Found Dead is very much fake .




Social media is flooded with pictures of Shahid Afridi’s daughter look-alike dead. However there was confirmation made by the Pakistan former skipper Shahid Afridi, but it was learnt Asmara was hospitalised and underwent a surgery. One of the pictures shows a child wrapped in white cloth with red rose petals on her body. All these images and news are actually FAKE. But she is very much alive and recovering.

shahid afridi's daughter passes away - RIP! Shahid Afridi's Daughter Found Dead.

Photos of a child who is a look alike of Asmara is being circulated on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and another social platform, saying Pakistan cricketers Shahid Afridi’s daughter has died due to cancer.  However there was no confirmation on the death reports of Shahid Afridi’s daughter from cricket fellowship, but Afridi fans went crazy expressing condolence.

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