Mahesh Babu Donates ₹1 Crore To Help Families Affected By Heavy Rains

Well known superstar of South Industry Mahesh Babu has extended his hand to help the people affected by the recent heavy rains....
Trending Rise In Indian Women Drinking Alcohol, But Who Are We To Bat...

Rise In Indian Women Drinking Alcohol, But Who Are We To Bat An Eye

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Its not at all a very new thing that our Indian culture is still restricted with conservative thoughts and conduct with regressive thinking when it comes to talking about the modernisation of Indian women.

But the past couple of years have seen a definitive change in patterns and ways in lifestyle of modern Indian women and has lately become a topic for many people who still bat an eye to the progressive change they are going.

People should get rid of this very notion as it is the 21st century and not just for the male gender. Time is swarming by and the society is modernising and going through a lot of changes all in the direction of better living style. If a women can go beyond the family walls and share the same work place as their male counterparts do, why cannot they share the same lifestyle habits ?

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