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Arrogant Rishi Kapoor Fought With This Famous Khan Actor’s Wife at Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding

At Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception Rishi Kapoor fought with Salman Khan’s younger brother Sohail Khan’s wife Seema. According to the reports, now Rishi Kapoor’s wife Neetu Kapoor consented on that, that it was all his husband’s fault so she apologized to Sohail Khan.

To let you know, the entire Khan family was unhappy because of this incident. According to the sources, Rishi was upset because of Salman Khan’s behavior towards him. he claimed that neither Salman Khan greeted him nor talked with him properly in the party.

In the wedding, Salman Khan was busy in enjoying the party while dancing and singing with Shah Rukh Khan and others. When Rishi had word with Seema Khan about that, the two got involved in a tiff. After that Seema told the whole matter to Salman Khan which made him upset and angry.


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