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Rishi Kapoor While Shooting For a Film Did Something Shameful With This Star Bollywood Actress Who Died at 19

There are many beautiful actresses in the Bollywood industry who make fans go crazy after their beauty. They are not only beautiful but talented too. But some of them have left this world or are no more with us! One of them was Divya Bharti.

She died at a very tender age of 19. She was married to Sajid Nadiadwala and at a very young age, she achieved the heights of glory. She was one of the highest paid actresses of the Bollywood and was giving hits back to back.

She was so beautiful that once Rishi Kapoor became crazy and went out of his senses after seeing her. It was the time when Divya Bharti, Rishi Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan were shooting for their film Deewana. The film came out in 1992.

It is a very lesser known fact that on the sets of the film while shooting for a film scene, Rishi Kapoor kissed Divya Bharti forcefully. This scared Divya Bharti and she ran away from the sets.

Divya bharti death mystery solved

After the director of the film convinced her that it will never be going to happen again, Divya returned to the sets. She was only 18 and half years old at that time and after a few months, she died. Her death is still a biggest unsolved mystery.

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