News Rishi Kapoor "The New Brand Ambassador " Of Public Toilets!

Rishi Kapoor “The New Brand Ambassador ” Of Public Toilets!

Rishi Kapoor slips into a pit hole dug by himself, as congress retaliated kapoor by doing namkaran of public toilet upon his name.

The series goes on as, first Rishi Kapoor made que of questions where he asked congress why all the properties are named after Indira or Rajiv Gandhi, where is Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi or Baba Sahib Ambedkar? Sending congress in haphazard to now what to say. Rishi has been in news for his honesty through tweets, but this time the game went against him.

So, Congress being Congress came with the manner it is always famous for. As only intelligent people could reply a question with an answer, so congress took a u turn and named a public toilet after Rishi Kapoor. Salute to the intellectual level of this national party.

To What, Rishi says he is happy as it is of use. Well the game begins now lets see “dilli kitni door hai ab”

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