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RJ Speaks To Muslims And Hindus Against Each Other, But The Reaction He Gets From People Is Pure Gold

Famous radio jockey Naved went to a Muslim area and spoke against Hindus. Then he went to a Hindu temple and spoke against Muslims. He was shunned away from both the places and what happened next is what Indians are made of.

The video tries to drive home the lesson that Hindus and Muslims are brothers, and it is just some religious extremists and fundamentalists who instigate people against each other.

In Delhi’s Nizamuddin area, a densely-Muslim populated area, Naved pretended to be on call with a man who he was explaining that if Muslims come together, then it will be easy to frighten the Hindus. People heard him talking and their reactions will make you feel good !

Naved, then goes to a temple and tries instigating the Hindus there. The reactions of the people he encounters, tells exactly how the general population of India truly is — simple and full of love.

This is not about Hindus or Muslims but humanity as a whole. And that’s what our nation is all about.

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