High Life AIB Comedian Rohan Joshi’s Tweets About Hateful And Unfair Professors Will Make...

AIB Comedian Rohan Joshi’s Tweets About Hateful And Unfair Professors Will Make You Remember Yours

In school days, everything seemed to be okay. The teachers were good and we were too busy growing up and learning hundreds of new things everyday. Our childhood friend’s company made the learning process all the more fun and tolerable. Scoring marks was not such a big deal as our parents imposed on us. Attendance was not at all a big deal because we rarely missed school.

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Then came college. The life-long company vanishes as friends part ways pursuing their ultimate goal, getting a decent job. Carefree attitude vanishes. Our career depends on it, and that’s why we care so much about it. Our college professors know that too. And as it is said, there is always two sides of a coin, the same implies here also.

There are good lecturers and professors who strive to take out the best possible from their students. They coach the weak and nurture the strong.

But the bad ones, they simply torture. They know the kind of power they hold over so they try to make us struggle for the most unreasonable things. They hold a lot of marks over assignments and practical sessions which makes them even more devil. They start abusing their position and there is nothing much a grieving student can do. Because they are always right.

And Rohan Joshi, one of the AIB comedians tweeted his experience which many of us will uncannily relate to –


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