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Entertainment Romantic Hollywood Movies To Watch Curled up In Your Bed

Romantic Hollywood Movies To Watch Curled up In Your Bed

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Winters are here and the temperatures are dropping and the blankets coming out. the season of cold may seem gloomy to some but it is the perfect weather to cuddle up in your bed with a cuppa hot coffee and a bowl of butter or caramel popcorns and just lay there the whole day watching movies! I’d sooo love to spend a day like this. And for that day, here is the list of Romantic Hollywood movies that I’m gonno watch curled up in bed.

The Holiday


Wouldn’t it be awesome to swap your house with a complete stranger from another land and go out vacationing living there. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz do the same and end up meeting the love of their lives!

Pretty Woman


The love story of an ordinary girl whose actually more than just a hooker and a rich Businessman! It is not likely to play out in the real life but the movie surely gives you the feels!

Love Actually


This utterly romantic movie shows the love story of not one but eight couples and incorporates the warm and bright theme of christmas.

27 Dresses


The story of a bright and career oriented girl who’s been a Bridesmaid for 27 times all for that one day when she will be a bride.

The Notebook

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage Mandatory Credit: Photo by Snap Stills/REX Shutterstock (2168818k) Ryan Gosling stars as "Noah" and Rachel McAdams stars as "Allie" The Notebook. - 2004

All the romantics must have seen this movie that too not just once. The movie shows perfectly how love can alter your life for good!

P.S. I Love you


The story of a young widow who is left shattered after her husband’s death but is left letters from her husband which help her bringing her life together.

Never Been Kissed


How about re-living your old highschool days? Drew Barrymore plays a journalist who’s life changes after she’s sent on a research project in highschool. An absolutely fun movie makin gus believe that life gives us a second chance if we really want something.

The Ugly Truth


My favorite movie! The Ugly truth stars Gerard Butler alongwith Katherine Heigl. Being totally opposite to each other, but Butler falls for Katherine while helping her impress some other guy! Its better if you just watch it! 😛

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