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There has been a lot of theories and speculation about Ruby Rose leaving after the first season of “Batwoman,” a series that is already in the works for the premiere of its third season on The CW. The actress finally decided to break the silence on the subject through explosive statements on social networks.

Rose noted that she lived in a work environment that she described as “hostile and dangerous,” directly naming Warner Bros. executives and other cast members Dougray Scott and Camus Johnson. In the past, Ruby Rose’s departure from the show was mostly attributed to the injury she sustained while filming, and although the actress has offered some comments on her subsequent recovery via her social media, her new statement features a much larger picture.

Under the tagline “enough is enough,” Rose presented her story through her Instagram Stories on the assumption that it won’t happen to anyone else again. The actress claims Peter Roth, who was director of Warner Bros Studios until he left in late 2020, hired a private investigator to find dirty details about him, but ultimately fired him when he didn’t have anything found that “can be used. in his story ”.

Rose also accused Roth of having inappropriate relationships with young women. The accusation comes a week after a very enthusiastic article about his career and how his retirement was crowned with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was published via Variety.

Rose also shared the audio of a conversation about her spinal injury, which three months later is said to be in worse than “abnormal” condition. She points out that her back problems were diagnosed years ago, but if she had an x-ray it would be considered a problem on set.

Rose assures that she has enough documentation to make an hour-long documentary on the subject, including her injury to two broken ribs during filming, however, Roth has reportedly told her that she should return to work as soon as possible or it would cost the production millions of dollars, plus the work of the film crew and cast.

Ruby Rose assures critics who noted that she looked “too stiff” in her character that she could have done a better job if they had rewritten the series in a way that would have made her recovery easier instead. then to wait for its immediate return to action. The actress was forced out of the San Diego Comic-Con, and the studio forced her to make a video ad in which she was under no circumstances to hide her scar on her neck under the threat of simply remaining silent about it.

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