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Infotainment 10 Hand Gestures That Can Put You in Trouble, Considered as Rudest...

10 Hand Gestures That Can Put You in Trouble, Considered as Rudest Yet Offensive

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We talk not only with our tongues but also with our gestures, especially the hand gestures. They play a vital role in the communication. People rely more heavily on hand gestures and body language when in situations where they are unable to verbally interact with someone. Mainly when you are traveling in some other countries where it is difficult to make native people understand that what you are going to say. But beware some of the hand gestures that can put you in a trouble.

Yes, in every country not all hand gestures mean the same thing. In some places, gestures that we use on a daily basis portray positive emotion or agreement, for example, might mean something highly offensive in a foreign land. Here are 10 gestures from around the world that are considered rude and should be avoided when you visit these countries.

1) The Southpaw Handshake

Country: Malaysia

The Handshake with the Left hand should be avoided at all costs. It is considered as offending as telling someone that they are feces.

2) Me Ne Frega

Country: Italy

It translates to ‘I don’t give a damn or shit’.

3) You Suck Cock

Country: Global

A wanker hand with knuckles facing up motioning towards an open mouth with tongue in cheek. It is definitely offensive!

4) The Dog call

Country: The Philippines and almost all Asian countries

This might not just land you in trouble but behind the bars. If you want to seduce someone, think of a better way, really!

5) The A-Ok

Country: France, Belgium, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, in the Middle East, Brazil, parts of Germany, and several South American countries. 

It symbolizes a variety of things from regarding someone as an asshole to calling them homosexual and even “fuck you!”

6) The Corna

Country: Spain and Italy

Oh, it has a horrible meaning – ‘I’m fucking your wife’.

7) The Tapita

Country: Chile

It means ” you have a small penis”.

8) The Fig Sign

Country: India and China 

It’s a way of representing vagina or is a rude way of expressing dismissal of one’s request.

9) The Little Finger Wag

Country: USA, UK

If you are doing this you’re pointing out to a man that he has a small penis.

10) The Middle Finger

Country: Global

It simply means Fuck Off or Fuck You!

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