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Entertainment Rules That Angelina Jolie Enforced On Brad Pitt

Rules That Angelina Jolie Enforced On Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston

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We all know that before he got together with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston. Even though that didn’t stop Brad and Angelina from hooking up. It wasn’t enough to soothe Angie’s insecurities. Angelina made it clear that she wanted Brad to stay away from Jennifer and she wanted nothing to do with his ex-wife either.


Attending parties and schmoozing with your fellow celebs seems like one of the major perks of being rich and famous. But Angelina didn’t like the idea of Brad hanging out with other Hollywood A-Listers. So, she limited the number of parties he was allowed to attend.



As most of us know, it can be hard to maintain friendships when life gets busy. Before he got together with Angelina, Brad Pitt was known for being a popular guy in Hollywood. According to some sources, she didn’t enjoy spending time with Brad’s buddies or socializing with their wives. Brad and Jennifer had tones of couple friends but Angelina wasn’t a fan of that dynamic. in fact, George Clooney, Brad Pit’s old BFF had to find out about a divorce from a reporter.


One of the perks of being a celebrity is getting to take incredible vacations and jet of exotic places. But for Brad and Angelina, Travelling was more than a hobby. Brad once suggested that their kids try out a traditional schooling situation. Instead, she insisted that they be “Big Travelling Pack” and hired a ton of tutors to take care of her kids. This was a family on the go, and Angelina claims that it got to the point where her kids would question her if they spend more than a month in the same place. If Brad wanted to stay with Angie and kids he had no choice but to embrace her chosen nomadic lifestyle.


They say if someone cheats on you they will also cheat on you, and apparently, this adage gave Angelina Jolie no shortage of sleepless nights. As an actor, Brad Pitt would regularly work with gorgeous actresses and Angelina knew better than how on-screen chemistry can evolve behind the scenes. She attempted to force Brad to limit the number of roles he took on opposite beautiful leading ladies.




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