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High Life Rules That Donald Trump's Children are Forced To Follow

Rules That Donald Trump’s Children are Forced To Follow

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Even though most of his kids are grown up but still there are some rules that have to follow. We will tell you that what limits they face in their day to day life.


The Trump family is welcome to make themselves at home in the white house, but there are some limits. You probably know that the first family is allowed decorate, but Barron doesn’t get his pick of any room in the house. The Lincoln room was once used as an office for former president Abraham Lincoln and is now a bedroom. However. it’s off limits event the first family when it comes to decorating. The Trump family can hang out in the yellow oval room, but they are also not allowed top decorate this room in order to preserve its historical significance.

2)Moving In

The older children in the Trump family have all left the home, so this rule applies to Barron. Typically, the president’s spouse and children live in the white house with the president. Obviously, there are a lot of security concerns when it comes to the first family.


If you thought your parents were fastidious about using coasters and putting your feet on the table, Imagine living in the white house! There are a whole bunch of artefacts in Whitehouse that need to be taken care of, so Barron can forget draping his coat across the grand piano. The curator of white hose teaches the first family how to properly care and preserve priceless artwork and other artefacts that are stored in the white house. Living in the white house must be amazing but they have to tread carefully around the historical artefacts.

4)Christmas Tree

Christmas is the magical time of the year, especially at the white house. In terms of traditions, this one is fairly recent but also very important. Each year the Christmas Tree in the white are decorated with the certain theme. this tradition was started in 1961 and continues to this day.


There are plenty of perks that come with being a president, and one of them is protection. The President has a mandatory security force, but the same courtesy is also extended towards his family. This includes his adult children as well.

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