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Entertainment Rules That The Royal Children are Forced to Follow

Rules That The Royal Children are Forced to Follow

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#1 Board Games- Royal children are not allowed to play any kind of board games.

#2 Clothing– Yes! there are certain dress codes, especially for royal girls. They can’t wear shots or rugged jeans ar anything that doesn’t meat with standards of royal family according to the queen.

#3 Gestures- Roayl children have to maintain there gestures whether they are outside or inside the home. Everyone has to follow the same rules such as ladies can’t sit crossing their legs, their back should be straight and so on.

#4 Security- No matter where the children are going whether it is school or travelling anywhere. Security is necessary wherever they go. In schools also security guards are there with the children and use a different route daily to go school.


#5 Vocabulary- We all are forbidden to say some words but the children of the family have a plethora of words which they can’t even think to speak. Some of the examples are: they can’t say perfume instead of this they have to say scent, Instead of saying bathroom they have to say lavatory.

#6 Language – Royal children have to learn multiple languages in their life.Because the royal family travel to different places. So learning multiple languages become important and impressive for the members of the royal family.



#7 Nail Paints- Unnatural colours for nails are not allowed for girls. They can’t apply bright coloured nail paints on their nails because queen thinks that it doesn’t meet the standards of a royal family.

#8 Eating- There are eating rules in every family that we should eat in quit good manner. But in the royal family, these rules are strict than we think, no one can eat after the queen has completed her meal.

#9 Travelling- Members of royal family can’t travel together even if they have to go to same place as well. Because if there would be an accident or mishappening other members of the family remain safe.

#10 Birth- The birth of a royal baby is the huge deal and there are many rules which must be followed before they even come home from the hospital. A birth announcement is displayed on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace. People line up outside to read it and they may even be able to hear the traditional 62 gun salute from the tower of London.


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