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News Russia Was Behind The Chemical Gas Attack In Syria To Save Donald...

Russia Was Behind The Chemical Gas Attack In Syria To Save Donald Trump Presidency?

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We all know that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is so dependent on Russia that he wouldn’t have done something without the permission of the Putin’s regime. According to the Palmer Reports, Russia was behind the Chemical gas attack in Syria so that Donald Trump could look tough and capable enough to fight back.

Russia Was Behind The Chemical Gas Attack
Source: Hindustan Times

Trump’s approval rating was down to 34 percent in the first week of the month. Russia wants to keep Assad in power (maybe for oil revenues). Tha main thing is that Russia wouldn’t have exposed him to outside attack from the US unless it knew that the attack would be harmless.

Interestingly, fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles had gone out of their way not to hit anything important, and the fact that Russia didn’t bother to use its S-400 missile defence system. As per reported by the Associated Press, Russian drone flew over the hospital where the gas victims were seeking treatment, and then a MiG fighter jet came back shortly thereafter and blew up the hospital to try to bury the evidence.

Russia knew in advance about the chemical attack or Russia itself launched the chemical attack and after that destroyed all the evidence because at the end of the day Assad was going to be blamed for any chemical attack in his country.

 Chemical Gas Attack In Syria
Source: CNN

The images of dead and butchered Syrian children were broadcasted into the homes of Americans and by launching the missile attack, Trump has given a message to the world and to the people of United States.

And Russia’s only reason for being behind the attack was so that Trump could indeed look tough by fighting back a bit against Assad.

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