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Russia Deployed 800 Lions On Roads So People Can’t Go Out, Is This True?

Shubham Banyal



Many countries are implementing lockdowns to prevent the spread of coronaviruses. More than 3 lakh people have already been infected globally by this terrible virus.

But in the midst of all this, a post has gone viral claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin has left 800 tigers and lions on the streets of the country to force people to stay indoors. The Facebook page “Humor TV” posted a picture of a lion on an empty street. Page wrote, “Vladimir Putin has left 800 tigers and lions across the country to force people to stay indoors”.

Sadkon pe Sher

True or False?

By Monday morning, this post has been shared more than 18,000 times. This post is also becoming viral on Twitter. But the interesting thing is that this news is false. Let me tell you that this fake news is being circulated a lot. The truth is that this picture is from Johannesburg, South Africa of the year 2016. According to a report by “Daily Mail” published on April 15, 2016, a lion named Columbus was brought to Johannesburg for filming by a production crew.


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