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Entertainment Famous Curvy Actress Shares Her Bikini Pictures Showing She is in Love...

Famous Curvy Actress Shares Her Bikini Pictures Showing She is in Love With The “Shape of Her”

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Rytasha Rathore, the TV actress who is playing the lead role in the serial Badho Bahu has given us some body loving goals. And these goals are not about gyming and fitness but loving and accepting your body as the way it is. Fun loving and spunky in her real life, her Instagram account is full of pictures that prove she is completely unlike her ‘reel’ image and quite comfortable in her skin.

She flaunted her curves, recently posted this picture on Instagram in which she is seen giving ‘a massive hug for the universe and all things good’. The actress is seen in a black bikini in the picture. She said that

“I was a big girl in school too, and I knew that I only had a sparkling personality to count on. The only problem was that the boys I liked, didn’t like me back.”

Rytasha revealed that she was called only to playing fat character roles. She did not aspire to do TV then and didn’t know how typical Badho Bahu was until she took the look test. She said

“I never wanted to be on TV. It was never my aspiration to be a TV actor. It just kind of happened. I wasn’t apprehensive, but knowing the time commitment required from the lead actors, I was a bit scared that I won’t be able to do other stuff. Of course from a health point of view, I know I should lose weight but purely as an aesthetic thing I know I am damn cute, sexy and beautiful. I think after studying acting, things changed for me.”


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