Sachin!! Sachin!! is the heartbeat of every Indian and this is maybe India’s best cheering dialogue. Though now Sachin is rich in terms of love, respect and money but when he was 12, he didn’t have any money even for returning home when he was on a Under-19 team tour in Mumbai.

Sachin Had To Walk With 2 Heavy Bags Because He Didn't Had Enough Money

As Sachin recalls the incident he was only 12 and was about to play for the Under-15 team in Mumbai. Due to over excitement, he forgot to bring any extra cash with him. He along with his team went to Pune for matches when it started raining, they all hoped that the rain would stop and they’ll get to play the match. When the match started Sachin got upset and cried because he got run out at only 4 runs.

Sachin Had To Walk With 2 Heavy Bags Because He Didn't Had Enough Money

Now after the match, due to rain Sachin and his team didn’t have anything to do so they went for a movie and by mistake, Sachin spent his whole money there. Therefore, when he returned to Mumbai, he had to walk up to Shivaji Park from Dadar station with two heavy bags on his back.

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Sachin also stated that if the banks would have been more customer friendly that time like they are now then he wouldn’t have to grow through this problem. He also states that if he had a phone with him then he would have just called his father for pick up or his father would have transferred the money and Sachin could have come home easily.

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