Karan Johar’s House Party Video: Forensic Science Laboratory Gives Clean Chit

Karan Johar party video that went viral for the wrong reasons, got a clean chit from Forensic Science Laboratory.
High Life Safety Tips To Follow During Online Food Delivery Amid Corona

Safety Tips To Follow During Online Food Delivery Amid Corona

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21 days of lockdown is still going on across the country due to fear of Coronavirus. In such a situation, many people are compelled to order food online. However, any material from outside can become a threat to you. Let’s know how to be careful while ordering food online.

These are five safety tips one must follow while ordering the food from outside:

# Avoid contact with the person delivering food. Although many companies offering online delivery services offer ‘no contact delivery’ option. In this, the delivery boy leaves your goods outside the house, whose confirmation you will get in the notification.

#  Secondly, remember that do not open the food coming from outside. Serve it well in a clean utensil and then taste the food. Eating direct from the food containers can be harmful to you.

# Thirdly, Heat the food coming from outside on oven or stove for about one to two minutes. This will destroy the germs of the coronavirus which could possibly be found in food.

# Fourth, sanitize the cover, lids and the boxes of the food containers before taking out the food. Dispose of the containers after transferring the food.

# Last but not least. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating food. researches say that virus lives longest on plastic and steel, surviving for up to 72 hours. Whereas on cardboard it survives for up to 24 hours, provided that the delivery person is free from cough and has germs free hand.

Meanwhile when we are still battling against corona please make sure to avoid social gatherings and stay home as much as possible along with maintaining hygiene.

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