Dog Waited For 3 Months At Wuhan Hospital After Death of Owner

A dog in Whuan waited for three months at a hospital for his owner, unaware that he had died from deadly...
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Saif Ali Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Who Was Beautiful And Hotter Than His Wives, Broke up Due to This Reason 

Saif Ali Khan is a Nawab. He lived a life of a prince so far. He married 12 years older actress when he was just 21 by going against his family. He has two children from his first marriage with Amrita Singh. Later, he married 10 years younger actress Kareena Kapoor after divorcing Amrita Singh. The couple has a son Taimur Ali Khan who is an internet sensation.

But did you know before marrying Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan has dated a foreign girlfriend? Let’s tell you about her. Her name is Rosa Catalano. She is a Swiss model. She was born in Italy. They met in Kenya during a show.

After that, she came to India to work in the Bollywood. This relationship lasted for two years only. Reportedly they both were in a live-in relationship. But in 2007 they two had a break-up.

The reason behind their break up was Saif Ali Khan’s married life. Rosa revealed that she never knew that Saif was a married man. She didn’t even know that he has two children and got divorced from the first wife. She also said that Saif is not supporting her financially and no one has ever paid her bills in India.

Well, according to the reports, Kareena Kapoor was also one of the reasons for their break-up. Rosa was very beautiful and hot.

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