Radio Mirchi’s YouTube channel ‘Filmy Mirchi’ is back with the third season of DaburAmla Aloe Vera ‘What Women Want,’ a talk show hosted by the diva of Bollywood – Kareena Kapoor Khan herself. The show is presently being aired on YouTube as well as on the radio channel since November 26, 2020.

Bebo has a dialogue with her Bollywood guests in this show, indulging in tongue-in-cheek banter with some hot Bollywood gossip. Skimming over topics of relationships, marriages, and drama, ‘What Women Want’ is highly popular with the audience and has an incredible string of guest appearances as well, such as Ananya Pandey, VarunDhawan, and Kiara Advani.

The third season of this show is set to give the masses content that is more inspirational, less talked about, and exciting. One of the most stimulating segments of this show, ‘Bebology,’ which is named after Kareena Kapoor Khan herself, is a partnership with Bumble. In this segment, the tables are turned, and the guests get an opportunity to ask Kareena a question.

She and Saif are one of Bollywood’s favourite power couples. Fans look to them as relationship goals. But just like any other couple, they have their fair share of fights, quarrels, and drama too. Kareena recently gave the fans some exciting news about their conflicts when she had KunalKhemmu over as her guest for the episode. Kunal is married to Soha Ali Khan, the sister of Saif, which made these questions regarding marriage even more exciting. Kareena asked him who was the first person to apologize every time Kunal and Soha got into a fight. Kunal wittily spoke about how the word ‘sorry’ is a part of Soha’s dictionary. However, that page in the dictionary was torn off. He said he is often the first person to apologize to her. On occasions where Soha initiates the apology, he considers it to be a mind-blowing and miraculous feat. Kareena went on to reveal that when she gets into a fight with Saif, he is always the first person to apologize. She spoke about how it is usually the men who make the mistakes and not the women, which is why when Saif realizes his faults, he is the one to initiate the apology to Bebo since it is better to make peace after a fight. She continued saying that he settles for forgiveness because they cannot sleep well if they have not made peace.

The couple will be welcoming their second child after Taimur Ali Khan in March 2020. 

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