India Superstar Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Wife Applies For Pistol License, Alleges Threat...

Superstar Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Wife Applies For Pistol License, Alleges Threat to Life

MD Dhoni, the former Indian cricket captain has given the Z-security by the government. The police security guards always keep their eyes at his home. Instead of that, his wife needs a gun. For that, she has applied for the pistol license.

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But why she needs a gun? She applies a license for .32 bore pistol. She needs a gun because she stays at home most of the time without husband MS Dhoni (as she has written in her application). So she feels insecure all alone with her daughter.

According to the police officials, her application is sent to the arms license department and soon they will respond. MS Dhoni has a licensed gun already and now Sakshi will get one soon. Dhoni lives in a bungalow situated away from the city. Here 7 security guards always keep a watch at his house.

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