Entertainment Salim Khan Made A Shocking Statement For Son Salman Khan

Salim Khan Made A Shocking Statement For Son Salman Khan

Salim Khan made a very shocking statement for his elder son Salman Khan. He reveals he will not write any script for Salman because if it would go flop, Salman will accuse him of that. However, if it would go hit then people will only praise Salman Khan for it.

Salim made this statement on channel Zee Classic’s show “My Life My Story”. This show will be aired from February 4.

He also said that it is not true that I don’t write scripts for Salman. He wrote down “Pathar Ke Phool” for him which was a hit. Now today if I use to write, people often asks me if it is a good script then why Salman is not there in it? But I want to escape from this vicious circle.

He also said the second thing is when a film goes flop then it’s all because of me or if it is said to be a blockbuster then all credit goes to Salman Khan. Salim collaborated with Javed Akhtar in 70s and gave hit films like Deewar, Sholay and Don.

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