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Salman Khan Has Even Romanced Karisma And Kareena’s Mother

Salman Khan Has Even Romanced Karisma And Kareena’s Mother


People in India who want to become an actor have only one place to turn their dreams into reality i.e Mumbai. Every year a number of aspirants come with a dream to become a successful actor one and rule this film industry. But only a few are able to make it true. Today we will tell you about an actress who has also worked with Salman Khan as a lead actress but as she didn’t become successful she left the industry.

The name of this actress is Chandni. She worked in the film Sanam Bewafa opposite Salman Khan as a lead actress. She worked in a total of 10 films but none of her films was able to earn a handsome collection at the box office. This was the reason she said Goodbye to Bollywood forever and shifted abroad.

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In order to earn money, Chandni started teaching dance, she opened her dance learning centre. Now she has two daughters whom she named Kareena and Karisma. In Orlando, Florida, USA she has her own dance centre and she makes people tap their feet on Bollywood songs and Indian classical dance.

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