Salman Khan Advises Kapil Sharma To Keep His Stardom Under Control Otherwise....

Salman Khan Advises Kapil Sharma To Keep His Stardom Under Control Otherwise….

Although Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma are good friends. But after Kapil Sharma’s controversy with Sunil Grover, Salman Khan advises his friend to keep control his stardom. To let you remind the team members associated with the Kapil Sharma’s show are quitting one by one due to his misbehavior.
Recently during an interview, Salman Khan answered a question related to Kapil Sharma’s controversy, he said, “It is important to keep your stardom under control. Today, I am at that point in my career where people often agrees with me even if I am wrong. In that case, you get confused to know what is right and what is wrong. That’s why I do listen to my family and friends because these people keep me grounded and never makes me feel boastful of my success.”
Salman further said,
“He is a type of person who finds happiness in little things. However, he gets timely advises from his family members about what he is doing good or bad.”
Kapil Sharma, it’s a high time to understand the value of stardom. Respect people who are the part of your success journey throughout! If a superstar like Salman Khan advises you this, you better follow his advice for your bright future in the showbiz industry. 
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